• Develop Planning Department issues & approval requirements
  • Perform Building(s) density/coverage analysis
  • Coordinate the Civil engineer & site consultants
  • Prepare/update the design & delivery schedule
  • Are there geotechnical issues?
  • Determine site & Zoning requirements
  • Research utility infrastructure & distribution
  • Review off-site improvement requirements
  • Calculate the costs of retention/detention
  • Review parking densities vs. landscape
  • Obtain fire flow & water pressure info
  • Decide what market sector(s) is/are targeted
  • Develop a “running” schedule of critical delivery dates
  • Communicate with the team & develop professional consultant contracts
  • Identify document conflicts & distribute corrective action
  • Perform Peer-Review for deficiencies and document completion
  • Assess LEED options and points structure
  • Monitor & observe progress & identify key decisions and timing
  • Analyze bids & evaluate contracts
  • Brainstorm cost-saving options and alternatives
  • Assess Special Engineering Components & Services that may be required


John and his team helped us understand and manage the roles and responsibilities of the design and construction teams, and also guided us through the construction process.

Robert Yalda