• Develop lists of equipment specs & loads
  • Are mezzanines needed current/future?
  • Plan truck court maneuvering and loading
  • What are the fire sprinkler hazard requirements/class?
  • Assess Use scenarios – Warehouse vs.
  • Manufacturing vs. Distribution
  • Are generators/UPS needed?
  • Determine optimal structural bays & materials
  • Discuss dock configurations/equipment
  • Coordinate dry utility services and phasing scenarios
  • Review demising alternatives/requirements
  • Is there cold storage/refrigeration?
  • Special operation(s)/processes to plan for? Need (isolated) equipment pads?
  • Address containment and/or exhaust requirements
  • Determine area(s)/room(s) environmental & comfort requirements
  • Address slab/floor levelness/finish
  • Expandability & product change effects/scenarios
  • Requirements for Receiving, Quality Assurance & Inspection, Fulfillment, etc.
  • Establish budget, phasing, & time schedule


Every consultant out there will know what I mean when I say… I wish I had a hundred more clients like him!

Lyle S. Richardson